Football and Finance: Fundamentals take you to the goal

October 2, 2017

By: Kelly Clary, MBA

Strong fundamentals lead to success. Whether you want to score a touchdown or protect your family, fundamentals get it done.

  1. Be consistent – Don’t change your plans because of your friend’s success with one investment.
  2. Diversify – Capture the up market and protect against the down market.
  3. Teamwork – Know whom to depend on for direction and protection.
  4. Communicate –Don’t avoid a conversation just because it is uncomfortable.
    1. Do you have a will? Do you have power of attorney?
    2. Are your beneficiaries recorded correctly?
    3. Do you have an appropriate amount of insurance?
    4. Who will help if something goes wrong? Who is on your team?
  5. Structure – Structure your plan around what is most important to you, which is likely the prosperity of your family. What are you doing today that will benefit your family’s future generations?

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