Emerant Wealth Supports the Sunrise Rotary Club’s Sunrise Plaza

September 15, 2021

Emerant Wealth is proud to announce our support for the Birmingham Sunrise Rotary Club’s Sunrise Plaza, which will be located along the Jones Valley Trail. The Jones Valley Trail stretches along 1st Avenue South and connects Railroad Park and the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark. Visitors to the trail can enjoy the sights and grab a bite to eat while they walk around.

The Sunrise Plaza will feature ample space and seating areas for people to stop and rest, grab a few photos, enjoy lunch on a fine day or to find your friends along the trail. Additionally, the trail itself will be extended and will eventually connect Pepper Place to Avondale – making it easier for Birmingham residents to walk around.

The space will also feature a public art installation by artist Deedee Morrison. The artwork is still being conceived but it is expected to connect to the rail yard that occupied the space many years ago. Construction will start by early 2022 and be completed by the time that Birmingham hosts The World Games.

“The Birmingham Sunrise Rotary Club has been doing community projects in Birmingham for over 30 years, and we’re always looking for other ways that we can give back and be involved with the growth of downtown and everything that we’re seeing,” said Counce Drinkard, the president of the Birmingham Sunrise Rotary. “So, when we found out that Freshwater Land Trust was extending the trail, it was just a natural fit…we are excited about it and look forward to the opportunity to complete this project and what it will do to revamp a completely unused area.”

Pictured on the right are Birmingham Sunrise Rotary Club’s Plaza Committee members Clinton Smith, Emerant Wealth’s own Aaron Nelson, Norman Jetmundsen, Andrew Edwards, Chris Grace, Counce Drinkard and Tucker the dog.

Sponsors like Emerant Wealth and donations from the local community are vital to support initiatives like this that can help Birmingham grow and thrive. To find out how to donate, visit Birmingham Sunrise Rotary Club’s page.

Emerant Wealth is not affiliated with Birmingham Sunrise Rotary Club.